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Today I want to show you the most interesting photos of cosmetics that I took lately. Among them, there are not only standard stylized shots, but also a few impressive ones. The stylizations were made by the flawless Nawojka Meijer, and the fragrances on set were Tom Ford, Dior, Gabriella Chieffo, Vent Vert, Roger and Gallet, La Prairie, Rancé i Jo Malone.

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No Future – Lookbook – Katarzyna Fabiańska

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

Last weekend I made a lookbook photoshoot, where I tried to break the majority of the rules I stick to everyday. I used an ultrawide lens with the focal length of 16mm (full frame), plus I took the photos from a frog perspective, often framing at the joints, I wasn’t keeping the horizon straight, breaking vertical and horizontal lines. So as you can see, I broke most of the good photography rules, and I was having tons of fun while doing so. Not only did it give the photos much energy, but it also made me realize how limited we are in our creative work when we try to keep all the rules, and how liberating and fun rejecting them is.

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NapoGloves with Mila Calmel

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today’s post will be short and to the point. Last year in December I made another series of photos (and videos!) for napo gloves – this time it was for a women’s collection of gloves for the next Winter season. The model was beautiful Mila Calmel, and the stylizations were provided by Showroom LPP. We were shooting in 4 interesting spots in Warsaw. We began with Gdański Bridge, then abandoned in Winter Temat Rzeka, European Square, and Hala Koszyki. The whole photoshoot was made with Sony A7s II + Canon 50mm f1.2. At the end of this post you can see a video made from 2015 and 2016 shots.

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Back to school with Juliette in Wonderland

Hello,fellow Blogreaders!
Today’s post will be even shorter and more substantial, than my posts usually are. Recently I’ve met a wonderful blogger, Julia (Juliette in Wonderland). We went for a hour long walk in Jeżyce, during which we made a few illustrations for her post about grunge stylization. Model, make up artist and stylist: Julia. You can see all the photos below.

Here are a few words about the stylization from its author:
Back to school – grunge style outfit. A grunge stylization! When I think about September, the first things that come to my mind are plaid shirts, gray and black. I’ve decided to combine all these elements into one. I wrapped a black and red plaid shirt around a gray fitted sweater. Instead of a jacket, I put a denim vest on, a vest that I found in… if you curious where she found it, make sure to check out her blog.


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Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today I’ll tell you about an exceptional photoshoot that we had in a closed part of Zakłady Naprawy Taboru Kolejowego in Poznań. There wouldn’t be any photos if not a joyful group of explorers:
Model: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz // SPP Models
Stylization: Dominika Cianciara // Zakała Stylizuje, Maja Staniszewska // Fashion Dealers, Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
MUA: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
Hair: Bartosz Walkowiak // Lukasz Buhl Hair Studio
Designers: The body and the dress Rag, trousers Odio Tees.
Coach: Agnieszka aka Nocna Furia

You can see more backstage photos on my Instagram.


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