A Spring grill in the middle of Winter?? Hochland campaign!

Today I’ll tell you about a case I had some time ago, shooting a Spring campaign of grill products in the middle of Winter for Hochland. The photos were taken on a very gloomy February day and to make things worse, it was sleeting since morning.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce the products in a warm spring stylisation. The background was an evergreen bush and a hot grill. I set the exposure in such a way that the frame was slightly underexposed (approx. 0,5EV), and I balanced the daylight deficiencies by putting the Quadralite Stroboss 60 EVO speedlight behind the set. I put a CTO filter on the speedlight, which warmed its light and gave the late Spring afternoon feeling to the picture.

Styling: Nawojka Meijer // ProVogue

Technical stuff:
All the photos were taken with: Canon 5d mark IV + Canon 24-70 2.8 L USM. The camera was put on a stand, and the exposure was f3.5 ISO400, time: 1/60s. Have a nice shoot!