Hand. Cannot. Erase. part.I

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
This is the first post concerning my newest project, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever realized. Since August 2014 I’ve been hard working as a part of a team responsible for the visual side of the new Steven Wilson’s solo album ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’. But first, a few words of inroduction. The album was inspired by a real history of a young woman named Joyce Carol Vincent, who, despite living a perfectly normal life, having social relations and a steady job, by her own choice decides to break off contacts with everyone. As a result of doing so, for 3 years nobody noticed that she died from asthma attack, left alone in her apartment…

The girl was played by Karolina Carrie Grzybowska, who had been chosen by Lasse Hoile (a photographic legend of progressive rock). When Lasse was staying in Poznań, preparing photography materials, Carrie asked me if I wanted to play her „unloved boyfriend” on a few photos that were needed to tell the story. I said yes. I had an opportunity to show Lasse some of my work, he liked it very much, and after a few days of working together, he proposed that I shoot visualisations for the concert. I had no idea how much time and work it would take. I worked with Carrie for six months to finish it. We had to keep everything in secret, until the day of the album premiere, which was in February. The first material that I can officially show you is the album teaser, published some time ago on Steven’s official YT channel. Directing and edit by Lasse Hoile + my shots. Hope you enjoy it!

PS. It’s just a little foretaste of what you’ll see on the concerts, but I’ll write more about it later.