Winter Tales

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
After more than 2 years I’m back with new energy for taking fairy-tale-like photos in Winter. Even though there wasn’t much snow this year, the January nature did a great job anyway. The subject is a fusion of my Muse’s old dream about ‘photos in a ball gown’ and my liking for fairy-tale-like atmosphere. The whole stylisation (the dress + the wig) is from Atelier Kulisy. The model was mentioned before, reliable and always wonderful Magdalena Witczak, and the stage for our fairy tale was Wielkopolska National Park. I have an impression that I’ve started the outdoor season so early before – we took these pictures 8th of January in about 5 Celsius degrees, in a piercing cold wind. From a technical point of view it’s worth mentioning that all of the photos were made in a natural light, without a reflector, and the brilliant bokeh is down to my favourite lens Canon 50mm f1.2 L.

Hope you enjoy it.







And last but not least – a joyful backstage: