Butterfly Effect

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today I’m going to show you a project that I started in August 2014, and finished just now, in March 2015. A part of the photos was taken during my previous meeting with Magda Zawada. Then I got the idea of putting these few experimental frames together into a short story, and this is how ‘the butterfly effect’ was born. We were missing three frames to complete the story, and we took them a few days ago in a completely different location. The most interesting aspect of the whole undertaking is its minimalism. The model was covered with a cheap plastic film, and then I reached the cocoon effect by a creative use of the liquify filter, which has been in Photoshop since forever. The lighting was one small system flash with radio trigger on a light stand, placed between the model and the background. You can see the whole postproduction process on the video.
Hope you enjoy it.

Silence, darkness. Delicate air movement, and rough sound wave breaking the biting cold of the cave…