Versus #5 FairyLady Paulina Maciejewska

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
One of my resolutions for this year is reviving the Versus project – and the effect is second session this year (the previous one was with Youssef Nassar) for which I meet another photographer, and we try to take a series of photos of one another in the same place and at the same time. This time I was shooting Paulina Maciejewska (make sure to check out her work!), young, nice and talented, and it turned out that these are not the only reasons to hate her :). She is a photographic sure-fire hit as well, and doesn’t need to be instructed much to achieve great effects – what sadly can’t be said about me… so I have no other option than to hate her, and I’m good at it 🙂


But let’s get to the point – Paulina and I met in Wilda, one of UAM’s departments, tenderly called HCP, has become our polygon. It’s located near the Hipolit Cegielsky company, in 28 Czerwca Street in Poznań. We began with penetrating empty socrealistic hallways, bathed in the light of sunset. Then, feeling very courageous, we jumped to the roof through one of the windows – which of course caused us some trouble – but it was worth it! We ended our photographic trip in an abandoned shopping mall – Green Point in Hetmańska Street. Upstairs there was a dead silence… and turned off lamps in the hallways were enhancing the feeling of anxiety and alienation.
This is what we created:

Paulina is photographing, and I’m (pretending that I’m) modeling… actually I nod off 🙂








I’m taking photos, Paulina poses gracefully 🙂









And now, obligatory selfie with our beautiful faces:


What I like the most about this projekt is the same place and 2 different final effects, I love watching how different people, looking at the world from their own points of view, show completely different parts of reality on their photographs… meanwhile, I’m starting a hunt for the next photographer 🙂