Marlena Czak Lookbook 2015

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Once again I’ve realized a lookbook for a young designer Marlena Czak. At the end of this post I’ll describe the lighting and meanwhile, a few words about the team.
The clothes were designed and sewn by Marlena Czak,
and hair and make up were done by Magdalena Drzymała.
The team was fantastic, we were having much fun, and I have a photo proof of that – at the end of this post you’ll find a joyful backstage shot.

A few words from Marlena about the projects:
The photoshoot includes 5 projects, each of which is visually different, they don’t make up a collection. The asymetrical blouses – the canary yellow, and the black and white one – are an experiment on mixing original print on fabric with a garment form. There were attempts to iron the prints onto polyesters of different colour, properties and textures, and finally an attempt to confront prints with a solid figure illusion. The grey fabric project resembles a sculpture, spatializing and deforming female body. The garment changes, the rhythmic fasteners give different possibilities to hook up. The fabric breaks and adjusts as a model moves, taking many different shapes. This sculptureness is enhanced by a greys palette, differentiated thanks to spatiality. The following two projects – an orange quilted vest with navy blue tuille and an asymetrical navy blue polyester, and black dress made of linen and leather – are based on the same construction. They differ from each other in fabrics, details, length and additional elements like hoodie, or cuffs. The inspiration for both projects was shell. The multiplicity of meanings of shell and spiral, as well as my personal associations and interpretation of the shell theme, contributed to construction of both projects.

Let’s start with a few of my favourite shots, and then a description of lighting that I am very happy with.








Joyful Backstage ­čÖé

Technical stuff:
I’ve decided to use 2 modifiers:
– as the main light I used 1m deep octa (which is just a very deep octagonal softbox with a big distance between the lamp and the white fabric diffusing the light), placed above the model on a rig stand, right under the ceiling of 5m studio because I wanted to have a white floor and dark grey background. We also put on a curtain to direct the light from the modifier only onto the model, and not on the background,
– the white outline on the model was provided by strip box 130x50cm, standing on the left behind the girl.
We took the pictures on a white cyclorama As always, I was using Canon 6d + Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens with the focal length of 70 mm. Aperture f7.1 – it guaranteed covering the whole silhouette with the depth of field. The time was 1/125s, ISO 100. You can see the whole thing with a description on the photo below.