Steven Wilson – Transience

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
In last December, after I found out that on his new tour Steven Wilson will be playing Transcience (the only song from the H.C.E. album that wasn’t being played in 2015), partly because I wanted to prepare something that would be entirely mine, and partly because I just felt that I had to (this is one of my favourite tracks from the album), I decided to create a video with Karolina ‘Carrie’ Grzybowska that would complement the concerts visualizations. I am the one responsible for the idea, shooting, directing and editing, and the main character was played by sterling Karolina. For the reasons that were not dependent on us, the material will not be among the official visualizations on 2016 tour, however, Steven didn’t mind us publishing it as an unofficial music video. Feel free to watch our material, and to read more about the H.C.E. visualizations here and here. I can now officially tell you that Carrie and I are working on two more video projects – but for now I’ll let the fact whom they are for remain a mistery.